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Core Services
We hope you can find great value from Co-Insight Consulting LLC.  By providing holistic R&D consumer & technical innovation, global research governance support,  believe you'll find our service is top valuable to your R&D technical community. 
  1. Design & Deliver
    Successful Initiatives through robust consumer, technology and business insights.
  2. US & China Outreach
    On Personal & Health Care Business Outreach and Expansion.
  3. Innovation & Product Management Training
    Enhance R&D organizational strong design and talent capability.
  4. Consumer & Product Research
    Insightful & Actionable Consumer & product research ; Competitor Intelligence; Whitespace/Global Entry

China, Asia, Personal Care, Consumer, Technical, Design, Innovation, Acquisition, Global, Emerging Market

Professional Roles & Partners

Jenny actively participate product reserach expert activity and professional coaching role in US. Besides, she also teaches  product management in Atlanta.
In China, she has strong partners on qualitative, quantitave research companies to lead local field work.
  1. Product Research Expert in YourEncore
  2. NACA Board Of Director & Young Profession Mentor
  3. IPSOS China
  4. Different China Local Research Companies
Connect, Value, Win-Win
  1. Launch New Website
    Jan. 1, 2015
    Launch my new website Jan. 1, 2016. Wish I can continue learn, grow, making new friends and help clients to grow consumer based product innovation capability.
  2. Launched LinkedIn Business Homepage
    Jan. 2, 2016
    My LinkedIn homepage will serve as the best bridge of expert, old colleagues and new friend. I will share my learning curve here while believe will get a lot new inspiration from experts all over the world! Search the name Co-Insight Consulting on LinkedIn!
  3. Join HOPE Global Forum
    Jan. 14-15, 2016
    Joined the 2016 HOPE Global Forum in Atlanta, Jan. 14-15. It was an inspiring event with KOI in US politics, industry, financial, philanthropy. Covered all hot topics in developed and developing countries.
  4. Looking for below areas from US to China
    Jan. 3. 2016
    Looking for ideas from US to China for boutique shop sale: Daily life fun & niche products; Personal, Baby, Home Hygiene products; Natural & Organic pest control product/device/method.
  5. One-Stop Real Estate Service
    Oct. 3, 2016
    Leverage market macro/micro research skills, provide one stop solution for real estate service, especially on investment consulting, planning, procuring.
  6. FaceBook Business Page
    Jun. 4, 2016
    Add on FaceBook business page. Expand connection broader and wider.
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